Sunday, February 28, 2016

Episode 14: Can I Do It?

Starting Lineup (Introductions):

Presser (Weeks in Review):
Oakland University basketball game
President's Day off
Be a Germ Buster
Valentine's Day
Day to myself
Snow/work from home day

1st Down (WIPs):
Birth Stone Color Affection
Rye Socks for Charity

Touchdowns (FOs):
Preemie Hat #4
Sparkly Bird of Happiness 2

Turnovers (Mistakes):
Mistake on garter section of Rye socks

Training Camp (Future Projects):
Dr Who blanket
Another hat
Christmas ornament #2
Preemie hat #5
Arm knitting

Concessions (Purchases):

Film Room (Books, TV, etc):
The Irresistible Harry House by Lisa Grunwald
The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble
All-Star Academy
Crafting reference on Pop Culture Happy Hour
Yarns at Yin Hoo podcast
Knit Scents podcast
The CATT Lady podcast
CogKNITive podcast
Knitting Pipeline

Post Game:
PM me on Ravelry if you would like the Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern gifted to you
Where to find me:
Ravelry: CrazyKnittingFool
Twitter: CrazyKnitFool
Instagram: Crazy Knitter Studio
YouTube: KristynMcCain 
Ravelry Group: Crazy Knitter Studio

Next episode:3/12

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