Sunday, March 27, 2016

Episode 16 - Loving the Light

Starting Lineup (Introductions):

Presser (Weeks in Review):
Weekend alone
Art show
OU Cares Family Fun Day
Dress like a rock star day
Doctor appointment
Loving springing forward

1st Down (WIPs):
Birth Stone Color Affection
Clark's Easter Lamb

Touchdowns (FOs):
Preemie Hat #6
Rye Socks for Charity

Turnovers (Mistakes):
Stabbing myself with a double pointed needle

Training Camp (Future Projects):
Dr Who blanket
Baby blanket design idea
Gingerbread hat

Concessions (Purchases):
Anything Goes shawl

Film Room (Books, TV, etc):
Blossom Street Brides by Debbie Macomber
The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters
And Then There Were None
Dancing With the Stars
Cooks vs Cons
Geeky Girls Knit
The Context
Christina's Knitting Catchup
Give Me a Crown
Skeins in the Sky
Unraveling with Greg and Joey
History of Knitting episode on Stuff You Missed in History Class

Post Game (Wrap Up):

Where to find me:
Ravelry: CrazyKnittingFool
Twitter: CrazyKnitFool
Instagram: Crazy Knitter Studio
YouTube: KristynMcCain 
Ravelry Group: Crazy Knitter Studio

Next episode: 4/9

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