Saturday, February 10, 2018

Episode 36: Moving Right Along

Starting Lineup (Introductions):

Presser (Weeks in Review):
Being sick
Meteor crash
New baby
Car accident
Word of the year: Action

1st Downs (WIPs):
Spartan Blanket 
Over the Rainbow Market Bag

Touchdowns (FOs):
Preemie hat #1
Preemie hat #2

Turnovers (Mistakes):

Concessions (Purchases):

Training Camp (Future Projects):

Film Room (Books, TV, etc):
Killer Reunion by G.A. McKevett
Death of a Cozy Writer by G.M. Malliet
Every Body on Deck by G.A. McKevett
A Weekend to Change Your Life by Joan Anderson
A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold
The X-Files
The Assassination of Gianni Versace
A Tale of Two Coreys
Tightly Spun with Emily Straw
Fibre Muse with Frenchie Danoy

Post Game (Wrap Up):
January birthday pattern draw winner - Sharon

Where to find me:
Ravelry: CrazyKnittingFool
Twitter: CrazyKnitFool
Instagram: Crazy Knitter Studio
YouTube: KristynMcCain 
Ravelry Group: Crazy Knitter Studio

Next Episode:2/24

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